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leather-soul9Thanks to Leather Soul Downtown (LSDT) for a great shoe buying experience. While I don’t venture into Downtown Honolulu very often, I’m thinking I’ll be a more frequent visitor after learning of LSDT’s solid collection of New Balance sneakers. Making a name for their upscale and high class shoes, Leather Soul diversified their offerings with select New Balance lines. Periodically, New Balance releases models made in the USA, and there are some great creations. More recently, there’s been a NB collaboration with Reyn Spooner of the aloha shirt fame that redefines local kine business attire.

Don’t expect to find the entire New Balance line at Leather Soul. Think of Leather Soul and their brand, and you’ll understand what kind of New Balances you’ll find. Think Distinct Weekender and Connoisseur Guitar collections that exemplify quality in look and workmanship. I went coveting the pistachio-themed M996CPS but found so many irresistible choices.

There’s even discounted models (in limited sizes) to check out.


While trying on different NB models, I spied this last pair of 988 that I couldn’t stop looking at. Rich colors, an old school silhouette, a modern tech Fresh Foam midsole, and a last pair discount of 50% off was just too compelling.


Thanks to Justin at Leather Soul Downtown for a great shoe experience. Here’s my five-star Yelp review of LSDT.


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