The Marcus Mariota Marketing Effect

Perhaps it’s only coincidental. Perhaps brands already had these items lined up for the summer of ’15. But have you noticed the Hawaii motif items coming to market? Is this due in part to one-local-boy-turned-Titan, Marcus Mariota? I’m not talking about custom made Nikes but rather the rash of kicks featuring Hawaiian camo, aloha, hot lava, and luaus.

Does the impact of the Pride of Hawaii transcend brand competition with all trying to capitalize on all things aloha? Have you purchased any Hawaii tanks, mesh tees, leggings, or track tops?



Old Navy is promoting their pixie ankle pants for women this summer. Due to the Marcus Mariota effect, this “blue floral” pattern is advertised as “The Pixie goes Hawaiian.”


Seemingly, anything floral is now all about Hawaii. I’m wondering if the Titans will somehow work in a flower into their NFL uniforms?

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