Hoka One One Now at Ross

Is it purely coincidental that Ross now has a limited selection of Hoka One One running shoes in stock? This is right after Apple’s Beats 1 global radio station went live. This is after the one extra second we got, and I found these shoes one day after July one.


There’s too much one-ness to be coincidental right? No matter. Although I had heard of Hokas, I wasn’t about to spend the big bucks on those platform-looking but highly regarded shoes. I easily spied the Hokas towering over the other shoes on the Ross shoe rack, and at fifty bucks (not fifty one) I had to get the size one zero aka 10. The Mafate Speed is an outdoor, trail runner that debuted in 2014…at $170. Even though, I’m not going to run on rough terrain, I figure this price point is one good introduction to the Hoka lineup.

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