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Took my new, discounted Hoka One One Mafate Speed for a test run where I learned a thing or two about this running shoe. Like I mentioned before, I only recently learned of the Hoka line and its super cushioned ride. I began to see this brand more in the mainstream, even sold at Nordstrom but finding some pairs at Ross was a surprise.


Anyways, while the Hokas are tall, they look much taller than they feel. I’m thinking I’m six feet tall running in the Hokas but truthfully, when you’re running, you don’t really feel the Hoka height. You do feel the rocking motion of curved sole however. This is kinda irritating while standing around, so I guess the point is run, don’t stand while wearing these.

Hoka One One Mafate Speed

The Mafate Speed looks heavy but is comparable to other running shoes from Asics and Nike. The speed lacing system is cool. It’s so easy to pull the laces then lock them in. The soles of the Mafate Speed are designed for the outdoor terrain so running on sidewalks was noisy as the soles tried to dig in to the surface.

All in all, the ride itself was well cushioned, sacrificing some “street feel,” but for me, reducing the wear and tear on my body is paramount. There was some discomfort to my toes due to the shoe’s slenderness especially in the toebox area. The shoe looks narrow, maybe a little more bulbous in the forefoot – something used for starfish splitting. But then again, I didn’t allow for any break-in time, instead opting for a short run. Well worth a $50 investment.

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