Fastest Visit to Starbucks. Ever.

sbux-mobile-pay1Ever. Did you hear me? Ever. I walked in. I was handed my my drink. I walked out. I didn’t clock my time, but it must have been less than a minute. When’s the last time you ever bought something in Starbucks and was done with your entire transaction in less than 60 seconds?

sbux-mobile-pay2Thanks to the nationwide launch of Starbucks Mobile Order and Pay service, this experience is now possible for all mobile app users. Using the expanded Starbucks mobile app, you make your order, customize the heck out of it (if wanted), and finally place and pay for your order at a nearby location. The app approximates your driving time (based on your location) and also estimates your drink creation time. When you get there, you walk straight to the pickup area and claim your drink. Even better if the workers recognize you and can pull your drink from the other mobile orders awaiting pickup.

As far as I know, you can’t order ahead and set a specific pickup time. When your order is placed, it’ll be made and be available at the pickup area in the next few minutes. Also, I don’t think there’s a notification informing you when your drink is ready. I guess there’s no point since you’re supposedly on your way.

Now, will this mobile ordering method lessen the overall Starbucks experience? Maybe, since you no longer have the chance of interacting with the workers. But then again, you’ve been to a Starbucks with a line 8 to 10 deep and reconsidered. Waiting behind the customer making a mass order for the workplace is never fun. Never. Especially when that person is paying individually to rack up the Bonus Stars. With this app (and some preplanning), you can avoid these queues and get your caffeine fix.


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