Sikdorak II to Take On Kaneohe

Now this is a business challenge with Sikorak opening its second location in Kaneohe. I’m guessing Sikdorak II mimics the all-you-can-eat-Korean-food-for-$20 as the original Sikdorak. But there is a twist with a maximum 90-minute stay.

That 90-minute restriction will make or break Sikdorak II I’m thinking. People in Kaneohe love bargains (just how many discount stores can Windward Mall hold?) and love to eat (where in Hawaii did you first see a McDonald’s double-wide drive thru?). So can that 90-minute limit offset the cost of food all gotten for $20 per person? Therein lies the business solvency problem that Sikdorak is up against. I gotta give it a try but I admit, I think Sikdorak II is in for a tough challenge.

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