Holiday Gift Guide 2015: LEGO Slippers

Any LEGO fan or family member of a fan knows the agony of stepping on the indestructible edges of a LEGO brick. No matter the shape or size, when you step on a LEGO piece, you feel it.

Thankfully, LEGO wants to help prevent these acute accidents by protecting your soles with these LEGO branded padded slippers. Unfortunately, getting these slippers for a gift is extremely unlikely. These are limited in quantity and availability. Only 1500 of these slippers will be made, and they’re available only in France. Even then, you can’t just buy them. They’re randomly given away to online shoppers on the LEGO France web site.


If only UGG partnered with LEGO to make these. Then there’d be a larger supply of ugly but comfortable footwear for LEGO protection. Just imagine those UGG boots in red and yellow!

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