Now Surfing at 200 Mbps

All this time I’ve had Oceanic’s Internet Ultimate 200 data plan and didn’t realize it. Simply put, my household could get 200 Mbps download speeds which is way greater than the 50 Mbps Extreme package I had back in the day. But my older Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 modem maxed out at 100 Mbps. Lose out!

So I purchased a new modem, the NetGear CM500-100NAS. Despite the name, this unit does not include a NAS but is just a plain old cable modem with no WiFi. Since I already have a good enough WiFi router, there’s no need to replace it. This NetGear model is on Oceanic Time Warner’s list of approved modems.

In order to activate the modem, I did have to call Oceanic Tech Support to authorize the new MAC address. Once that was done, it was 200 Mbps Internet surfing. It doesn’t feel faster for short, bursty downloads, but you can feel the speed increase when downloading big files. Oddly enough, while this modem just works, the best part I really like about it are its status lights. The usual complement of LEDs are on the front of the device, but their colors are muted, almost too much so. Kinda hard to see when the room lights are on, but not irritatingly bright at night like the blue LEDs of the SurfBoard SB6141. These LEDs would light up a room at night that could cause sleep issues.

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