Macy’s Kailua Closing

Nothing lasts forever, but Macy’s in Kailua made a good run at it. In the heart of Kailua downtown for as long as I can remember, this smallish Macy’s was always an excellent backup. Sure, they didn’t have everything like the Ala Moana location, but this store had enough. Oh and finding that particular size was usually successful at Kailua. But soon, very soon this historic Kailua location will be closed.

Here are a few shots as of January 22, 2016. Items are on sale but not really. Mostly everything is 25% off but the prices are full retail to begin with so the discounts aren’t that great. Maybe later, the cuts will be more, but with other Macy’s locations that can be transferred to, I doubt unreal deals are to be found.


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