Molten Chocolate Mocha Second Taste

My first taste of the limited Starbucks Molten Chocolate Mocha was okay, but of course, I need to retaste for accuracy. But the mistake I made this time was ordering the drink without the mocha-espresso whipped cream. Because I didn’t like the hot and cold combination of the drink with the whipped cream, I figured I’d forgo the cream and also save on calories. I also customized the drink with non-fat milk.


I mentioned that the MCL could be sweeter and without the whipped cream, there’s no sweetness at all. The drink is now dry, leaving a flat sensation on your tongue. Too much mocha, not enough fat for balance, and not enough sweetness for contrast. The drink is now a super dry mocha.

My next (and final) taste test will be a cold MCL with the whipped cream and probably 2% milk (the standard for this drink). Fortunately, the molten chocolate drinks won’t be available after Valentine’s Day, so I can stop this extra high calorie intake. 🙂

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