Possible Guest Blogger

Well lookee here, there may be a guest blogger making her debut here on Pulpconnection. Her qualifications are excellent with shopping at Ala Moana, watching TV, and reading books. I mean doesn’t that just scream Pulpconnection?

Um, yeah, I dunno. But Kimi (let’s call her that) wants to share her experience eating a $14 peach or something like that. Intrigued? Actually yes, I am. Don’t let the pulpy readers down, Kimi!



  1. What Is a $14 Peach? - Pulpconnection - March 6, 2016

    […] what does a peach costing $14 from Minamoto Kitchoan taste like? Freelance blogging contributor, Kimi, shares her thoughts about the Momosayaka and the […]

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