What Is a $14 Peach?

So what does a peach costing $14 from Minamoto Kitchoan taste like? Freelance blogging contributor, Kimi, shares her thoughts about the Momosayaka and the Tousenka.


peach-2First off, this peach is not a fresh piece of fruit from the grocery, but rather a peach preserved in jelly. The Momosayaka is half a peach, costing $14. If you want the entire fruit, you need to pay $20 for the Tousenka. If shelf life is a consideration, the Tousenka should be consumed within two weeks while the Momosayaka lasts three months preserved in its jelly.

A sweet jelly encompasses a soft sweet peach and is refreshing but too sweet for delicate tastes. Kimi says, “It was like a fancy Del Monte fruit cup with better ingredients. My palate is sensitive to sugar so I don’t think most people would think it’s too sweet. To help you gauge the sweetness factor, I can only eat plain yogurt because all the yogurts with fruit or flavored yogurt is too sweet for me.”

So what’s Kimi’s final say?

I wouldn’t purchase this for myself, but I think it would make a nice gift. Since the Momosayaka and the Tousenka taste the same, I would recommend buying the Tousenka to get more bang for your buck.

So if you’re a diehard peach fan, get the Tousenka and enjoy!


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