The Largest Starbucks?

This is most likely the largest Starbucks I have ever seen or been in, and this is at Universal Studios Hollywood. Keep in mind that Universal has several Starbucks locations. There’s one undergoing renovation at the CityWalk.


Starbucks on Universal CityWalk

If you’re going to ride all those escalators to the Lower Lot, Universal has your Starbucks needs covered there.


Starbucks at Universal Studios Lower Lot

But the biggest location is in the Upper Lot. Its signage doesn’t give away anything about the interior size.


But when you walk in, you’ll see an expanse of people in line, waiting for orders, and dining in.


While the ordering line may look daunting, it moves fast, mainly because there’s like four dedicated registers going at the same time.


I had to stitch together a panorama to capture the vast dimensions of this location. When you really take a look, you’ll realize how big this place really is.


There are some cool highlights of this Upper Lot Starbucks. The ceiling lights are distinctive.


The product wall has interesting artwork.


And I especially like its look at night.


Even though inside an amusement park and servicing crowds of caffeine-deprived parkgoers, this Starbucks menu was up-to-date featuring the Caramelized Honey Latte that launched that day (March 22, 2016). Now, if Starbucks collaborates with Universal Studios for unique combinations that would be super cool. Butterbeer Latte anyone? A Chocolate Frog Frap?

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