Kicks for the Older Generation

Call it what you want, a blunder or pure genius, but the latest low cut, white colorway of Under Armour’s signature for Steph Curry is in the spotlight. Although truly a performance basketball shoe, the white colors of the “Chef” impart an older feel for these kicks. Check out this fictitous commercial made by Jimmy Kimmel.


Online, this makeup is being killed for its “old man” looks, but then again, with this much coverage, I think this shoe has more public awareness than many other.

Not alone in this “shoe for dads” category, Nike, Adidas, and New Balance has their contributions as well. The aggressive styling of the upcoming Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 screams for the young, but the white out look appeals to the aged.


New Balance may use premium materials for the 30th anniversay of the 999 model. But that colorway looks plainly familiar.


But Nike still owns this space with its top-selling Air Monarch line. The Air Monarch IV is the quintessential shoe for the older generation.




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