Bee & Tea Beckons the Age of Milk Tea in Kailua

So the Age of Froyo is done after a seven-year war. Following froyo is the Age of Milk Tea. Already popular in town, Kailua joins this era with the introduction of Bee & Tea. I won’t go into the store’s background and menu since you can read great coverage here and here.


Only open one week, the store was buzzing with patrons inhaling their boba-filled drinks.


Yeah, I’m no fan of boba or milk tea drinks, preferring my coffee, so I opted for a lemonade instead. But hey, that lemonade with lychee and mango was worth it! Refreshing with the sour bite offset by the sweet lychee and mango jelly. The jellies weren’t mushy either. They were firm, holding their shape, some even in the shape of little stars. Heck, as I neared the bottom of my drink, I got a spoon out to make sure I didn’t miss anything.


The Bee & Tea menu is kinda overwhelming with drinks alone. Milk tea, cold brew coffee, shakes, smoothies – there’s a lot to look through. Personally, I think they should forgo the coffee offerings since there are so many other coffee options in the area, even a few doors down with the opening of The Curb. There’s also bao served, and really, I don’t get it. I guess the bao is a complementary food item that is the savory to the drinks’ sweetness? I just don’t envision the crowds coming to Bee & Tea for bao. But then again, I’m terrible at predicting food wants.

I do have to go back and try one of the signature milk teas, but until then, here are some pictures of Bee & Tea Kailua.

You can also follow Bee & Tea Kailua on Instagram @beeandteakailua and Facebook.

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