“No Bill, No Break” Protest

During our tour of the U.S. Capitol, the gun control protest of “No Bill, No Break” went down. We had started our tour of the rotunda when a group of people planted themselves on the floor and started chanting, “No bill, no break,” while holding pictures of their loved ones claimed by shootings. The media was there taking picture and capturing video footage as each protester proclaimed their loved one was not a political stunt. 

All the public tours at the time were somewhat confused about the proceedings wondering if this incident was planned. But being a working federal establishment and not an amusement park, this protest was indeed real. The moment was realized when the police showed up in minutes and cleared the rotunda, warning that any who remained would be arrested. Our guide, Walt, calmly ushered us to the next tour stop where he explained that excitement can come at any time but is definitely not the norm.

Here’s more info about the protest. Here’s extra Pulpconnection coverage.


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