Not on a Bucket List

Sadly, do not add watching fireworks in our Nation’s capital on Independence Day to your Bucket List. Washington DC on July 4th – can’t get more patriotic than that right? Well, yes, but in reality, it’s also a little underwhelming. Additionally, the weather conditions were not great with light showers throughout the day making the National Mall muddy and the skies hazy.

Yes, Prince’s Purple Rain played on the PA

Because of the Fourth of July festivities, security was cranked up with road closures and only a few designated entry points. Of course, the public came to the National Mall from early on, visiting the monuments, and making a day of it before the 9:00 pm fireworks. 
Maybe the live music of the fireworks show would have added to the experience, but we, like many others, stayed outside the security perimeter. Didn’t know if the weather would hold up, making a departure easier from the outside. The fireworks launched above the reflecting pool couldn’t break through the hazy night. There were lots of aerials, but most were muted only discoloring the night sky.

The show was decently long and after the last aerial lit the sky, the crowds dispersed. Wow, the amount of people! But with so much security and roads blocked, there was enough thoroughfare for the mass exodus.

Walking the streets of DC at night offered some nice illuminated views though.

Overall, an enjoyable experience but not worthy of a bucket list.

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