NYDC16 Day 7: the Empire State

No better way to start the day than 86 stories above this bustling city. Also, there’s much less of a line at the Empire State Building before 9:00 am.


The views were clear, just obstructed by the safety bars. Here are pictures taken in between the bars.

Just try not to make it a day up at the observation decks and get too comfy. There’s more people coming, so they want you to keep moving.


No sitting

After the views from the Empire State Building, we came across Gotham Poke on the way to the subway. Unfortunately, they didn’t open until bumbye.


Opens at 11

No, I didn’t see new Knick, Derrick Rose, at Madison Square Garden, just caught the subway at the subterranean Penn Station.


Madison Square Garden

From there, our next stop was the American Museum of Natural History. Had fun interacting with butterflies but the most fascinating had to have been the display of dinosaurs.




An extremely late lunch brought us to Shake Shake. Yes, the fries are better than In-n-Out.

Shake Shack fries

Shake Shack fries

Another day of walking the streets, and we were done. Back to home base.


Back to base

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