Mobile Blogging with Keyboard

Hey, this makes mobile blogging a lot easier. I just picked up a Logitech K380 multi-device Bluetooth keyboard and paired it with my iPhone. Typing longer posts isn’t as difficult now that I don’t have to inaccurately peck away at the iPhone’s virtual keyboard.

The K380 feels pretty good. The key layout seems just a tad cramped, but that could be my imagination. I’m still more accurate typing on the K380 than tapping on-screen.

No wires since it’s Bluetooth connected, and this keyboard can pair with three devices. Need to try out my AppleTV to see what the experience is like. I probably won’t use this keyboard with my MacBook Air since what’s the purpose. But the keyboard is small-ish and light, so it’s easily transportable to make mobile blogging a better experience.

Hmm, I just noticed that the virtual keyboard no longer shows up in WordPress while I’m using the external K380.

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