Pokemon Go Bans Are Real

So you probably heard that Pokemon Go creator, Niantic Labs, is banning users from the popular game if they suspect you for violating the game terms. In other words, you’re cheating at the game. Commonly, this cheating takes the form of using an app or service that divulges the location of Pokemon. Instead of you hunting for them, these apps miraculously tell you where to find the pocket monsters instead. Convenient, yes. Allowed, no.

So I tried a popular Android app called Smart Poke 2. In the app’s description, the developers warn you about the possibility of being banned and even tell you to register another Pokemon Trainer account. Even though the results of the app weren’t great, sure enough, it happened. I got this email from Niantic.


What can I say but busted. So let me tell you that the threat is real, and it’s not worth it. These apps don’t work so well. On the other side though, the game is getting boring, wandering around catching Pidgeys, Rattatas, Spearows, and Weedles. The game has got to figure out a better way of tracking down Pokemon.

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