Mr. Tea Ala Moana Now Open

Nitrogenie closed for business only in the beginning of February, but already its space has been occupied. Mr. Tea is open for business, and although the store interior does look a little Spartan, customers are exiting with drinks in hand.

I don’t know about Mr. Tea or if there are other locations, but with a name like that, I was hoping for some kind of rtheme based on the larger-than-life Mr. T who starred in Rocky and the A-Team. But no, I did not see workers sporting Mohawks or adorned with gold chains. And I doubt the marquee drink is called the “I pity the fool.”

In any case, I’m hoping this business survives in the challenging food environment of the Ewa Wing. Looks like shave ice will be finding its way in the former Magnolia kiosk.


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