The Beauty of Bankruptcy

Sadly, the Ewa Wing of Ala Moana has been brutal to food-based businesses. The first (and quick) casualty was Gloria Jeans Coffees. Then around the end of 2016, Magnolia Bakery closed, both the cupcake-serving kiosk and the sit-down eatery. Its mainland success just couldn’t be replicated here in Hawaii it seems.

Formerly Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Most recently, popular Nitrogenie also shut its doors. Tied to Magnolia, the ice cream from magic couldn’t make up for the cupcake losses.

I must say though that Ala Moana does its best to mask the ugly side of bankruptcies. Notice any empty storefronts all have facades of beauty and style.

  • Dat

    They were too far removed from the other food places to be successful, IMO.

    • On the other hand, you would think that with limited food options in the Ewa Wing, these locations would have more customers because of their distance.

      • Dat

        In my experience, in general, the Ewa wing is never as busy as the rest of the mall though.

      • True but Shirokiya seems to draw crowds (at times)