Gearing Up for Travel

While not an avid and seasoned traveler by any means, I have, over the years, learned that little things add up to a lot while on travel. Sure you can make do, but things are so much easier and convenient if you have the right travel gear.

So it’s about time to check out what I can add to my gradually expanding travel set. My first stop is TheWirecutter’s Best Gear for Travel list. This list has lots of great suggestions but pick and choose to best suit your needs.

Right now, my infatuation is with comfortable and quick drying socks and underwear. In 2015, I had worn to China Adidas socks bought from Costco. I put holes in several of them after only a few uses. They were comfortable enough but the humidity of China and Hong Kong were too much. Then there’s doing laundry and drying wet clothes. Kinda tricky to do especially when moving hotels on a frequent basis. So instead of thick cotton clothes and underwear, I’m looking for fast drying and lightweight alternatives.

I just came across Bombas socks, so I’m reading up, but really, trying a pair is the best test. There are lots of colors to choose from, but the Color Block is easier to match while having an interesting look.

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