Mitsubishi AC Remote Model Change and Wide Vane

So like I said, I was looking for replacement remote controls for various Mitsubishi Mr. Slim AC units.

Shopping Around

Shopping on eBay was scary since many of the remotes for sale showed the correct pictures but said the pictures did not exactly match the actual product. Even for a cheap $10-20, I didn’t want to risk it. Amazon prices were around $60-120 for replacmenets. Then I found the online Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating store that sold genuine replacements. Costs are between $60 and $70, depending on the model. Still expensive but that cool, dry air feels so so good during the recent voggy, humid, and hot weather. Anyways, within four days, the remotes arrived at my doorstep.

What I Got

Oddly, the contents inside the shipment did not match my order. There were three remotes:

  • 1x E12A53426, M-Series Remote Controller (MSY-A24NA)-E12A53426
  • 2x E12784426E12784426, M-Series Remote Controller (MS24WN)-E12784426

Missing was the E02541426, M-Series Remote Controller (MS09TW, MS12TN, MS15TN, and MS17TN), but I did have an extra E12784426. Figuring this was a replacement for the E02541426, I tried it out with the matching MS09TW, but nothing happened.

Tech Support to the Rescue

I called the Support number and talked to three different reps from different departments. Sales verified I got what I ordered. Operations verified that the E12784426 did replace the E02541426 over the years. So it was off to tech support.

After a long troubleshooting session, tech support pulled through with an odd recommendation. Check out the comparisions between the E02541426 and the E12784426.


Original E02541426 on left, replacement E12784426 on right

Wide Vane

The original remote does not have the Wide Vane or Long buttons. And that’s the key to making the E12784426 work with the MS09TW AC unit. With the remote “off” (only showing the clock), push the Wide Vane button then push the orange power on button while pointing at the AC unit. You may have to try this a few times. But sure enough, the unresponsive AC unit powered on. After this pairing is done, the remote works like the original (except the AC unit doesn’t really have the Wide Vane or Long features in the hardware).

Update 4/7/2017: Regarding the wide vane button, I think there’s a clarification to remove any trial and error. It seems like the remote works when the wide vane mode is set to swing mode as shown in the image below. When in any other vane setting, the remote doesn’t work with the AC unit.

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