North Face at Ross

Yup, North Face is yet another popular brand you can find discounted at Ross. While I’ve see some North Face shoes and shirts at Ross, I had never paid attention to the jackets. But one fateful day at the Hawaii Kai Ross, one shopper had pulled out a few North Face jackets, and that’s when I saw the Millerton jacket in Laurel Wreath Green Depth Camo. Not the classic or digital camo pattern but interesting nonetheless, I found my size and bought it.

That same day, I was at Ala Moana and stopped in the North Face retail store to see more of the Millertons. Displayed at the store entrance was this Millerton in “tigrid” camo.

Also eye catching, but that price tag was a full price $110 unlike the $60 cost at Ross. $60 is still steep for a jacket but compared to the quality and design of other jackets on the rack, I can’t be bummed with this latest Ross find.

North Face Millerton on Amazon

[amazon_link asins=’B01HQR1VAC’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’pulpwp-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’167a8c6b-05e1-11e7-9554-b7d9813fd558′]


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