An Unicorn Kind of Day

Today was surely a day of unicorns where not one, but two proverbial unicorns made an appearance. First off, Starbucks really did launch their magical Unicorn Frappuccino today.

Yup, it’s pink, purple, and blue and looks absolutely crazy! But, the taste is anything but crazy. Heck, it’s even not as sweet as it looks. Sure, there’s sugar galore, but it’s not so bad that you’re done after a few sips. Despite this drink’s outlandish appearance, you’ll taste vanilla. Colored vanilla, but vanilla nonetheless. The sour raspberry swirl does add a much needed kick for contrast, but there’s not enough of it. You’ll quickly go back to vanilla. There’s a tinge of fruity flavor, but I wouldn’t have said mango if I didn’t already know that. Fun and frivolous, but it’s one and done for me.

The second unicorn of the day occurred while waiting at a traffic stop light. Check this out.

See that old school Toyota Servco bag? I haven’t seen one in years since I was a teenager. I had a black one with the silver panels. Such memories of stuffing sporting equipment and anything else in the bag. No pockets, no dividers, no compartments, just one cavern of space. Okay, really, it wasn’t the greatest bag, but the memories! I guess these bags are still made, or is this really an unicorn sighting?

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