Transgressions from the Weekend

So over the weekend, I witnesseed two transgressions. The first was at a dance showcase at the Blaisdell Concert Hall. Of course, the venue was darkened during the dance performances. Then this happened.

This older gentleman would bust out his iPad to take pictures. In the dimmed lighting, that screen was super bright, blinding those behind him. With a good view of his screen, the taken photos looked blurry, so I’m not sure what the point was. But it gets better. After some time, his iPad wouldn’t take pictures. For some reason, rotating the iPad fixed the issue (not sure why). But in the now rotated position, his attached keyboard had no where to go but up. So not only did the bright screen blind the audience, his upright keyboard doubled the height of his raised iPad thereby blocking the view of those further behind him.

The second trangression I have no photo evidence for because I was simply too slow and dumbfounded. On Saturday, at Nisshodo Candy Store, we were picking up some mochi for Mother’s Day. That little storefront was packed as others were picking up orders and making purchases. Behind us enters an older woman who tries to scurry past me, seemingly to try to get in the front of the line. But with the amount of patrons there, there really was nowhere to go.

When the cashier asks who’s next, she tries to go forward, but I already had my hand up. End of story right? Well, when it’s finally her turn, she asks the employee to check the back for other mochi, not wanting the ones in the display case. Not having any inventory in the back, the woman begins to point to specific individual mochi pieces. She’s telling the worker to move pieces so she can see the ones underneath. Keep in mind that the room is still packed as more customers are trying to file in. I missed the photo op and the expressions of all those behind her as she individually called out which piece of mochi she wanted. But I guess if she was getting these for her mother then her fastidiousness may have been justified.

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