Lonzo Ball Should Reboot Converse

In the NBA Summer League, rookie Lonzo Ball played and earned MVP honors while wearing a variety of kicks. Of course he represented the family’s Big Baller Brand, but he also sampled signature models from Kobe, Harden, Curry, and Jordan. Check out Lonzo’s performance analyzed by SBNation.


Who knows what this all means. But if Lonzo is actually going to sign with an established shoe company, he should consider Nike, specifically Converse. While Nike owns Converse, let’s be honest – Nike has no apparent plan for this brand. Nike tried reviving Converse with DWade, but Wade ultimately landed with the Chinese Li-Ning.

So why Converse? Well why not? I admire Lavar Ball’s crazy albeit true sentiment regarding athletes being their own brand. But a partnership could be synergistic especially for a brand that currently has no identity and for the Balls who have an identity (and the balls).

So again, why Converse? Let’s harken to the history of the Los Angeles Lakers who drafted Lonzo. Remember that other time the Lakers drafted a big point guard? Showtime was born with Magic Johnson leading the break wearing Converse Weapons.


So why not see if history can repeat itself? Let’s see Lonzo lace up the Weapon ZO2 and get to work.

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