Pre-Ordered a Nintendo SNES Classic Edition

Fingers crossed. It looks like I successfully pre-ordered a Nintendo SNES Classic Edition. When Nintendo announced this minature retro gaming console, pre-order links at Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy soon followed. I had signed up for inventory notifications at these sites, and I got an alert yesterday afternoon from Walmart.


Following the link, I quickly completed my order not believing it would actually process based on my previous experiences trying to online order the Nintendo Classic Edition. Luckily, my order appeared to go through followed by email confirmation of my order.

But… you just never know especially since this release came out of nowhere. The Twitterverse mentioned possible cancellations as a mistake on Walmart’s part and reported technical issues on Walmart’s site before selling out.

This morning, I thought it was too good to be true when I saw another email from Walmart. Here comes the “Ooops, my bad, we made a mistake” message I thought, but surprise, surprise instead Walmart was informing me that the release date of the SNES Classic Edition moved up a day from the original date.

But I’m still crossing my fingers until the SNES is in hand, and I’m playing Street Fighter II Turbo, Contra III, F-Zero, Final Fantasy III…

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