Champion from Watermelon to Poke

It simply don’t matter. From watermelon to poke, the results are the same – winner.

Let’s set the stage. Ricefest 2017. Third annual poke bowl eating contest sponsored by Paina Cafe. Two bowls. One bottle POG. No palu allowed. Three minutes. Ten contestants. The most poke eaten determines the winner. Utensils optional. From what I understand, the first to sign up is the most intense…

Here’s coverage thanks to Channel808.TV.

Okay, okay, kinda funky editing of the video that jumps past the eating action. Let’s try this one instead. Are you hungry?

Thanks to Linda for the video and pics.

Still hungry? How about some watermelon from 2009 and 2014? Want more poke? Look no further than April at the Hawaiian Ocean Expo.



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