Vince Is the Real VIP of VIP Towing

It’s never a great way to start the day with your normally dependable ride to and from work (and everything in between) stuttering and eventually stalling roadside. Really, it’s a crappy way to start the day.

A call for roadside assistance was sent to VIP Towing, and after a 90-minute wait, a VIP tow truck comes ambling towards me. Enter Vince. He pulls up, greets me, apologizes for the wait, and gets to work. After a few minutes, we’re hooked up and on the road. During our ride to the service center, Vince gets to talking and his personality shines. His laid-back demeanor and reassuring nature is what I need during this stressful morning. He talks about loving his job and tells some of his adventures at work.

The ride with Vince really turned the morning around! If you ever need a tow and get VIP Towing, ask (or hope) for Vince. He is the real VIP.

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