Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Air Jordan 1 Rookie of the Year NOT

Okay, this is NOT how you start the Holidays. When you get a reservation for an item, you, well, assume the item is available to you unless specifically declined. So when I received this notification from Nike, I was very well pleased.


A total surprise for sure since I’m not in Nike’s top tier of purchasers spending big bucks week after week. Still as a loyal, longtime fan of Nike and Jordan brand, it was satisfying to see this dedication rewarded. So I proceeded to make my purchase and saw this.


Key in the bottom of the screen that says “Out of Stock.” Out of stock? For an item reserved for me? What’s that about? Did everyone with a reservation buy before me and snatched up all the reserved pairs? That still didn’t make since since I had until 3pm (HST) to make my purchase.

After an online chat with Nike customer service, it seems the release of the AJ1 Rookie of the Year was premature or mistakenly sent to too many customers. So if you want to gift this interesting AJ1 colorway (themed after MJ’s outfit during the ROTY announcement), you have to try for them when they generally release.


Now of course, Nike can easily make up for this grinch-like faux paux by really reserving me a pair. 😉 Wink, wink Nike.

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