Next Week Is Black Friday?!?

I can’t believe next week is Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Oddly, I don’t have that sense of anticipation of all those deals and steals. In the past, I’d be scouring for any intel for insane deals but now, not so much. I guess the shopping scene has transformed over the years where online shopping is huger than ever.

Also, looking out for BF Ads and planning out your shopping doesn’t feel as grandiose. Now stores are voluntarily showing customers their BF ads weeks in advance. No more finding leaked copies to post online. Not so fun any more.

Another contributing fact could be the on-slaught of (online) sales and discounts. Quarterly/seasonal sales are for sure but so many online stores just have so many sales.

Sure, I’ll start looking for the Black Friday good stuff, but for now, it just doesn’t feel the same…

Update: Right after posting this, I saw this list of early BF specials from Amazon.


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