Adidas Parley, Priced Too High?

Adidas and Parley have a partnership that takes plastic before it enters the earth’s oceans and transforms it into thread. This recycled thread is then woven into some Adidas shoe lines with the signature ocean blue color way. While it’s a great and worthy idea, Parley models go for a higher cost, usually adding a $20 premium. So that $180 Ultra Boost is now $200. Is that premium too costly for consumers?

At the Nordstrom Rack, I have seen many Parley models selling at a discount. That Parley premium does carry over to the reduced price tag, selling at a higher cost than other Boost and Ultra Boost models. Or is the Parley colors not a favorite? I admit that while I personally like the look of the Parley Ultra Boost ST, if I came across an Oreo colorway at $20 less, I would have picked the cheaper one.

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