Nordstrom Online Continues to Disappoint

What else can I say other than I’ve been let down by Nordstrom online again… and again. Twice in the same day. I had placed two early orders for pre-release products – one in January and one in February. Yesterday, I received two emails that both orders had been cancelled due to item unavailability.


Supposedly both items did actually become available but both ran through their inventory before my orders were fulfilled. I just don’t see how this is possible, especially for pre-release orders. Mind you that inventory available does update while online orders are being placed. At release, you’ll see all sizes available on the product page, but as time passes, sizes that sell out no longer appear indicating a sell out. So there is a means of tracking inventory, but it appears that Nordstrom’s online system just isn’t good enough,

And really, that’s the frustration with all of this. For all the worldclass service Nordstrom offers and their top notch store environments, their online system is severely lacking. Realize that I’ve now had 4 out of 8 online shoe orders cancelled by Nordstrom. If you ordered items online and received only half of what you ordered, would you be satisfied?

I tweeted out to @Nordstrom and received the usual response that they’ll share my experience with the teams. It’s been four months since my first Twitter complaint was shared with the teams and so far, I can’t see any progress.

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