ResExp: Coppingkicks Notes

Just some notes about #coppingkicks before I forget:

  • The rush before a drop.
  • The frustration of site issues, crashes, lag, etc.
  • The hope of a successful checkout.
  • The devastation of getting the L.
  • Hope renewed during a restock.
  • Devastated one or two more times or perhaps, salvation.
  • The disappointment when the price of that W starts tanking.
  • JJJJ_REEBOK_01_da03a2c9-375c-42a0-96ad-fede295f99e5_1024x1024The confusion when this is an in-demand item. Really? No, really?
  • The abysmal dismay when seeing the success of others.
  • The pangs when you keep seeing TS1 appearing on social media channels.
  • The promise of doing this yet again.

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