The Nike Joyride Gives Me No Joy

Sadly, Nike’s newest runner featuring its bouncy beaded Joyride does not bring me joy. I ordered a pair of the Joyride Run Flyknit with my member access, and I even went a half size up based on early reviews by Foamer and Jami. They do look awesome.



But when I tried on my Joyride, the expectant joy vanished. They were snug. Like very snug even at a half size bigger. I wasn’t a fan of the FlyKnit toe box in which I could see my toes moving around.


Then that heel tab or the pull… I couldn’t exactly tell but it was eating into my heel after a few seconds of wear.


Then I took a few steps, and I knew these rides weren’t for me. My flat footed arches totally collapsed the in-step.

The Comforming Cushioning System is just too mushy for me. You can use your fingers to really push in that light blue foam.

Because of these issues with the upper and mid-sole, I can’t even evaluate the Joyride beads. At $180, I can’t justify keeping them on the hopes that they’ll feel and perform better after a break-in period.

So I shipped my Joyrides back to Nike. Hopefully, they’ll bring joy to someone else.


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