The Silencing of Hawaii Radio Voices

Wow, I did not see this coming and was very confused when I saw Daniel Tucker tweet this:

Then I listened to KRATER96 on Thursday morning.

When did “Hammertime” just become “Time” as I listened to Zip Recruiter ads and Traitor by Oliva Rodrigo.

When did “your pal” become “your memory?”

Where was “Traffic on the 5” as I waited 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes?

Then I understood. There was a mass firing aka workforce reduction of on-air personalities including my longtime favs, Gregg Hammer and Danielle Tucker. A sad day indeed for all those affected by this change and for us, the listeners who spent many years on the Hawaiian roadways with these voices.

Update 01-07-2022: Thanks to Claire for this Star Advertiser article about the layoffs. From my point of view, it did seem like a cost cutting measure with the more experienced (and assumedly higher paid) employees predominantly getting released.

Update #2 01-07-2022. Thanks to Matt for this larger view of the cuts by SummitMedia.


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