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The Beauty of Bankruptcy

Sadly, the Ewa Wing of Ala Moana has been brutal to food-based businesses. The first (and quick) casualty was Gloria Jeans Coffees. Then around the end of 2016, Magnolia Bakery closed, both the cupcake-serving kiosk and the sit-down eatery. Its mainland success just couldn’t be replicated here in Hawaii it seems. Most recently, popular Nitrogenie […]

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No Nespresso Recycling Service for Hawaii

Aw boo. Nespresso is advertising their recycling program for used Nespresso capsules. But this program is not available in Hawaii (or Alaska and U.S. territories). Though made from aluminum, you may not have associated these small capsules as typical recyclable items. Nespresso is trying to rectify this oversight by providing customers with free recycling bags […]

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This Shirt Costs How Much?!?

Look at this shirt then look at the Nordstrom price tag and say it with me, “This shirt costs how much?!?” Just shows my lack of fashion knowledge of the Comme des Garçons PLAY line. That makes the $125 price tag alright, right???

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Thanks for Bringing Back the Aztek, Honda

I would like to thank Honda for reviving the much maligned Pontiac Aztek. Okay, okay, Honda doesn’t own Pontiac or the discontinued Aztek, but when I saw this vehicle on the road, I immediately had flashbacks of Dark Angel’s Logan Cale aka Eyes Only blazing around in the futuristic Aztek. But instead, this is the […]

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There’s a Shake Shack in Hawaii?!?

Wait, no… that’s not a Shake Shack. It’s just the rebranded Teddy’s Bigger Burger in Aiea. But that green trim and logo look awfully familiar. On the other hand, I wouldn’t have known any better if I hadn’t recently visited a Shake Shack while in Washington DC and New York City. Not sure what was […]

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I Keen, You Ken?

Instead of those wimpy water shoes that don’t cost a lot and don’t offer any support, I got me a pair of Keens. Instead of getting my kicks wet and muddy while hiking, I figured Keens would be the best alternative. And let me say they did not disappoint while hiking to Secret Falls on […]

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I Could Be a Bioterrorist…

As an owner of these White Peppermint Twinkies, I could be a bioterrorist. These limited edition cakeshave been recalled since the milk powder used in the coating could be contaminated with Salmonella. Gotta stick with the basic golden yellow cakes instead…

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Got My Levit8 Portable Standing Desk

Hey, hey, hey, my Kickstarter-funded Levit8 portable standing desk arrived this week! Seemingly like many Kickstarter projects built overseas, getting the items to America causes issues and unexpected delays. Nonetheless, my coral-colored, medium-sized Levit8 is here… and I’m befuddled. Just how do you “assemble” this puzzle? I had to watch the video tutorial several times […]

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Stance Socks Buying Tip

So I’m a Stance socks convert. I love these socks though I can’t buy all the ones I want. To help alleviate my passion for Stance socks, here’s a buying tip – check out clearance sales at surf shops. Yup, surf shops like HIC in Hawaii carry some Stance socks, and they don’t necessarily sell […]

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