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Coffee Day 14

Driving from Kyoto to Osaka led to a rest stop where a Wonda Black kept me company. Again, I didn’t want a drink that could go bad during the day so bitter black it was.

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Coffee Day 13

With a new sticker affixed and majority of the labeling in Japanese, I tried this drink and thought the Wonda did live up to its slogan of “Wonderful Coffee.” This drink has the right balance of coffee and sweetness. Enough coffee flavor with some expected bitterness but with just the right amount of sweetness. The […]

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Coffee Day 12

A hot day in Kyoto warranted two drinks in order to keep cool. After walking from the Saga Arashiyama station to the Togetsukyo Bridge, I got an European black coffee via the Georgia brand. Nothing special, but because the day was just beginning, I didn’t want anything with cream that might spoil in the heat […]

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Coffee Day 11

Seems like my coffee picks are suiting my tastes more and more. Today’s pick is Suntory Premium Boss “The Mild.” And yes, I guess I like my coffee mild since I like this drink. It’s not too sweet, mildly bitter, but more importantly, it tastes like coffee. I easily finished this drink in no time. […]

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Coffee Day 10

Today brings Tully’s Coffee Barista’s Latte. For whatever reason, I was thinking of a Starbucks drink full of sugar and cream. Not the case at all. This is espresso and some kind of creamer. Smoother than a straight up black coffee and with a muted bitterness. I just need to adjust my expectation for this […]

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Coffee Day 9

Today featured a double hit. Sure, I was fatigued by the constant on-the-go. But really, the opportunity and experience of trying a new drink couldn’t go unpassed. The first drink was more for thirst purposes, but I think I found my favorite canned drink in this maroon can. The Georgia European is slightly sweetened and […]

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Coffee Day 8

I guess I forgot to take a picture of my canned coffee drink of the day, so I snapped a pick of Beans & Roasters Cold Brew in the store. Despite the cool looking and colorful design of the outside of the can, I didn’t like what was inside. The drink didn’t taste that different […]

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Coffee Day 7

Tully’s Coffee Barista’s Black to start the day (even though this picture was taken at night). Nothing fancy, just straight up black coffee for a good morning jolt.

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Coffee Day 6

Coffee Day 6

With convenience stores and vending machines blanketing the Tokyo urbanscape, it’s hard not to be within reach of a caffeine hit. So while touring the streets of Shinjuku, a visit to Lawons yielded this. I don’t know how true it is, but I think there was a “New” sign next to this drink.Maybe not as […]

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Coffee Day 5

Despite seeing the different brands of coffee drinks available in convenience stores and vending machines, I had to try this Starbucks ready-to-drink beverage. The Caramel Macchiatto with Coconut holds true to its name with strong coconut tones sweetened by caramel.  The drink comes with a small extendable straw that’s important. Don’t try drinking this without […]

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Coffee Day 4

Grabbed the most “safe” drink that I saw at the convenince store. I recognized the Boss brand, could see the actual liquid, and wanted a larger size, so this Craft Boss coffee was my pick. Don’t believe I finished it in one sitting. It did help me make it through the day after waking up […]

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