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E02541426 on left, E12784426 on right

Mitsubishi AC Remote Model Change and Wide Vane

So like I said, I was looking for replacement remote controls for various Mitsubishi Mr. Slim AC units. Shopping Around Shopping on eBay was scary since many of the remotes for sale showed the correct pictures but said the pictures did not exactly match the actual product. Even for a cheap $10-20, I didn’t want to […]

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Gearing Up for Travel

While not an avid and seasoned traveler by any means, I have, over the years, learned that little things add up to a lot while on travel. Sure you can make do, but things are so much easier and convenient if you have the right travel gear. So it’s about time to check out what […]

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Rediscover Pulpconnection

With some self-imposed downtime, I used this opportunity to look over my site, make some updates, and even rediscover a thing or two. Amazon Store Heh, I had forgetten that I have a store on Amazon where I highlight items mentioned here. I had strayed away from this Amazon store for awhile, trying different things, […]

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Mitsubishi Mr. Slim AC Remote Replacement?

Anyone have recommendations about replacing failing remote controls for Mitsubishi Mr. Slim split AC units? We have several different models with different features, but all the remotes are failing over time. Buy replacements or are there other solutions? Remote model numbers: KP1C (4N1M) [MS09TW] KG3C (1793) [MS24WN] KM06D (0002358) [MSY-A24NA] KP1C (3N2M) [MS09TW] KP1C (3N2M) […]

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North Face at Ross

Yup, North Face is yet another popular brand you can find discounted at Ross. While I’ve see some North Face shoes and shirts at Ross, I had never paid attention to the jackets. But one fateful day at the Hawaii Kai Ross, one shopper had pulled out a few North Face jackets, and that’s when […]

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A Switch for Me

Not a Ninetendo Switch but a Switch from my Canon DSLR to a mirror less Olympus. And another switch – I bought this OM-D E-M10II locally from Best Buy, not online from Amazon. Camelcamelcamel told me that my target Amazon price was reached and went even lower at $650. Wanting to actually see the smallish […]

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Very close to pulling the trigger on this Olympus OM-D E-M10 II. Don’t need the bestest of the bestest. Want small and portable, takes good pics, and cheap enough to get additional lenses. And I’m also not looking to build out a new suite of gear.

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Nordstrom Rack Waikiki Did Not Disappoint

Oh I forgot, but there was one tiny disappointment on my first visit to the Nordstrom Rack in Waikiki, but more on that later. Unbeknownst to me, this location was open from late 2016! Anyways, a smart marketing ploy of two $5 store credits got me in the store in early 2017, and there was a […]

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Mr. Tea Ala Moana Now Open

Nitrogenie closed for business only in the beginning of February, but already its space has been occupied. Mr. Tea is open for business, and although the store interior does look a little Spartan, customers are exiting with drinks in hand. I don’t know about Mr. Tea or if there are other locations, but with a […]

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