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Researching OLED Television

No upgrade is imminent, but curiosity calls… Current OLEDs from Sony and LG all use the same panel made by LG. That panel is the same panel used in all models (at least in the LG lineup of B, C, G, E, and W). So the most basic and the most decked out LG OLED […]

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Pre-Ordered a Nintendo SNES Classic Edition

Fingers crossed. It looks like I successfully pre-ordered a Nintendo SNES Classic Edition. When Nintendo announced this minature retro gaming console, pre-order links at Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy soon followed. I had signed up for inventory notifications at these sites, and I got an alert yesterday afternoon from Walmart. Following the link, I quickly […]

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Lonzo Ball Should Reboot Converse

In the NBA Summer League, rookie Lonzo Ball played and earned MVP honors while wearing a variety of kicks. Of course he represented the family’s Big Baller Brand, but he also sampled signature models from Kobe, Harden, Curry, and Jordan. Check out Lonzo’s performance analyzed by SBNation. Who knows what this all means. But if […]

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Missing the Matcha

Looking at my pictures from Japan is making me miss the matcha-infused drinks and snacks. Of course, my surprising highlight was the Chocolate Cake Frappuccino with Matcha Shot. While I’m not a fan of the Frap, I ordered two of these while touring Japan. Other matcha items I should have tried… Ah heck, I wish […]

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Vestiges of Kailua Past

Over the weekend, I saw vestiges of Kailua’s past. The last existence of Quiznos was being erased as the former sub sandwich shop’s sign was painted over. As the renovation of Macy’s is still underway, part of the renovation uncovered its older past when Macy’s was Liberty House.

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Dew Crazy

On my last day in Japan, I saw a vending machine that sold Mountain Dew. This was the first appearance of Dew that I came across after two weeks traveling the cities of Nippon. This was surely a sign of what was to come. Back in Hawaii while stopping by a Walmart, I went a […]

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Shutterfly Unlimited Pages Offer?!

Say what?! For the first time ever, Shutterfly offered unlimited pages for a photobook at no additional charge. The typical 8×11 photobook does have a limit of 110 pages, but if free, might as well load up the book! And that’s what I did for all the ohayo2017 adventures. Oh and an one-day promo for […]

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Gotta Love Carp Pride

Upon arrival to Hiroshima, I didn’t immediately comprehend the sea of red I saw. All around the train station, people were wearing red for the hometown baseball team, the Hiroshima Toyo Carp. In the midst of the season in first place of the Central League, the fans were in full force wearing jerseys, hats, shirts […]

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