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Sleep Train Is Mattress Firm

Even through a dirty, rainy car window, the rebranding of Sleep Train to Mattress Firm is done. Though I must admit that I prefer the former name of Sleep Train. Kinda kooky and the radio commercial with the train whistle was odd but still sounds more fun than Mattress Firm.

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The Lights in the Wilson Tunnel Are Agitating

I guess there are new lights in the Wilson Tunnel while driving the Likelike. These LED lights are bright compared to the old lights, but the spacing or position of the lights creates a nasty flickering as you drive by. Very, very agitating. Update 3/6/17. Now with agitating video.

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Torture Is…

…standing in back of a group of young teens at Starbucks. Yes, they all ordered individually but thankfully did not place orders for friends who weren’t physically there. Yes, they ordered time-consuming drinks like Frappuccinos and various pink drinks. Luckily, my iced non-fat, no whip Smoked Butterscotch Latte was prepared somewhere in between the kids’ […]

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Item Pickup Today Does Not Mean in Stock at Walmart

Obviously, I assumed too much when seeing this meter stick on Sure, it’s available for pickup at the Pearl City location today if I order/buy it online. So I guessed that for the item to be available today, it should be in stock at the store. Otherwise, how can it guarantee the item be […]

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Valentine’s Day Pulpy Style

Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas styled the pulpy way. Hostess Cupcakes featuring the lovely combination of raspberry and dark chocolate. These limited edition cakes are yummy. You know and I know that these Nike women’s Free TR5 Flyknit do not belong in TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack. Even more so, this “Multicolor” colorway definitely […]

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The Beauty of Bankruptcy

Sadly, the Ewa Wing of Ala Moana has been brutal to food-based businesses. The first (and quick) casualty was Gloria Jeans Coffees. Then around the end of 2016, Magnolia Bakery closed, both the cupcake-serving kiosk and the sit-down eatery. Its mainland success just couldn’t be replicated here in Hawaii it seems. Most recently, popular Nitrogenie […]

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No Nespresso Recycling Service for Hawaii

Aw boo. Nespresso is advertising their recycling program for used Nespresso capsules. But this program is not available in Hawaii (or Alaska and U.S. territories). Though made from aluminum, you may not have associated these small capsules as typical recyclable items. Nespresso is trying to rectify this oversight by providing customers with free recycling bags […]

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