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Ross Ala Moana Grand Opening

Short story. I missed the grand opening of the new Ross at Ala Moana. Downstairs by Old Navy, I got to the store at 7:30 hoping it would be open according to the posted store hours. But grand openings being grand openings, this event’s timeline superceded regular store hours. So although patrons were waiting for […]

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Japanese Laundromats Shrink Your Clothes

While I’m thankful that there are many coin laundry services available in Japan, especially nearby our hotel in Kyoto, be warned that your clothes may shrink. That’s what happened to my pants. There can be no other reason why my pants have gotten tighter during this trip. That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it. […]

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Lots of Change

I was advised that I would have lots of coins while traveling in Japan, and sure enough, a handful collects in no time. Just another benefit of using a Pasmo or Suica card instead of paper or coin currency.

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Transgressions from the Weekend

So over the weekend, I witnesseed two transgressions. The first was at a dance showcase at the Blaisdell Concert Hall. Of course, the venue was darkened during the dance performances. Then this happened. This older gentleman would bust out his iPad to take pictures. In the dimmed lighting, that screen was super bright, blinding those […]

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My Japan Education: Forest Bathing

So there’s scientific backing that being in the presence of trees, known as forest bathing, has tangible health benefits? So says a Japanese national public health program that started back in 1982. Just remember that when you enter a forest, pick up a rock, put a problem in, and drop it. You can pick up […]

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My Japan Education: Tokyo vs Osaka Banana

Apparently, banana snacks are a thing in Japan. I was introduced to the Tokyo Banana but then was told that the Osaka Banana was better. After wrapping my head around the concept of these banana-based concoctions, I was fortunate enough to sample both. They weren’t the freshest samples but well within the alloted expiration date. […]

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“East Side” Girl Scout Smores Cookies

Alright, a Girl Scout troop in Hawaii needs to find a way to bring in the other Smores cookies. Sourced from two different bakeries, there are differences in Girl Scout cookies throughout America as described by the L.A. Times. Personally, I think these chocolate-covered graham cracker cookies are way better than the sandwich version sold by Hawaii-based Girl […]

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My Japan Education: Gudetama

What, really?!? This guy is the most popular Sanrio character since Hello Kitty? Gudetama? The lazy egg? I can’t even imagine the appeal of this non-cutesy character that doesn’t seem like a creation from Sanrio that spawned Kerokeroppi and the Twin Stars. And Gudetama is a real downer, seemingly unable to cope and deal with the […]

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I Don’t Know Fashion

Obviously my fashion sense is flawed, especially when Target is involved. Here I thought the Victoria Beckham collaboration with Target would be very popular. But judging from the inventory currently available, it appears that this Spice Girl-turned-designer collection isn’t doing that well. After looking through the line, yeah, I’m not won over. Maybe it’s just […]

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