Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Pulpconnection’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2012

  • Holiday Gift Guide: Music from Rihanna Time for Christmas shopping is just about over. It’s way too late for online orders to arrive, and if you can’t find anything in the local stores, what are you going to do? How about online orders that are available immediately? Something like handpicked tunes for a music fan. Here’s my collection of highlights from Rihanna’s discography. This is by no means comprehensive, just some of the songs in my iTunes playlist. While you’re listening in, take notice of Rihanna’s album artwork. You’ll see a progression from a fresh face in the music industry to a veteran vixen. Widgets
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Oakley 3D Glasses for “The Hobbit” When watching 3D movies at the theater, why settle for their cheesy, flimsy, ill-fit glasses? Thanks to Oakley, you can get a high quality experience wearing their own 3D glasses. These are thematically designed for The Hobbit but not so overtly and are a must for serious (and stylish) movie goers.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Happy Time to get gifts is quickly running out, and although it’s the happy holidays, it may not feel so happy at times. So… why not give the gift of Happy? More specifically, The Happy Movie. Yes, it’s a real movie, more like a documentary exploring what it means to be happy. Does that idea make you happy? Then how about a free gift of Happy? Starbucks Pick of the Week is a free rental of The Happy Movie. So grab a few of the cards then send out the redemption code to those in your life who need a free gift of Happy.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Starbucks Verismo Individual coffee cup brewers aka K-cups are here to stay with its enormous growth and popularity. So of course, Starbucks had to get into this lucrative market but also one up the competition with its Verismo system. Besides brewed coffee, the Verismo line can craft espresso and latte drinks, upscaling your K-cup experience. Combine the right pods and pull your own Starbucks espresso. That’s pretty awesome. What’s even more awesome is the Verismo is now on special for a great Christmas deal. Get $50 off the Verismo 580 and $100 off the more industrial Verismo 585. If you order online, you also get a free box of Starbucks pods, all with free shipping. If you visit a Starbucks or Macy’s, there’s a good chance you can try out the Verismo. Here’s a latte made just for me in a matter of minutes. What can I say, but it was yummy with just ...
  • Listing My Holiday Gift Guide 2012 While I’m using Pinterest to capture ideas and inspiration for my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, I’m trying out Well to list my posted gift ideas. I signed up for Well a while ago, and I’m checking out what it can do. Here’s a brief description of Well: Well helps you collect and share the things you want to do. Experience a new kind of list: beautiful, social, and fun. Oh and it’s totally free. Here’s my list of 2012 Holiday Gift Guide posts embedded below.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: APE In this case, APE stands for Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, and in this book, Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch show you how you can write and publish a book in these changing times. Even better, you can quickly gift this eBook on Amazon or its Kindle service (free for Prime members!). I’ve only started reading my advanced copy (thanks Guy, NEENZ, and Net Galley), and so far I’ve learned that writing a book is all about you, not me. Will you be reading Pulpconnection the Book soon enough? I have more reading to do!
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Pizza Hut Perfume Who doesn’t want to smell like a Super Supreme or a Meat Lovers? Not for you? Then how about the vegetarian scent of Garden Fresh or a Veggie Lovers. Damn, aren’t you already drooling hearing the names of Pizza Hut pizzas? That’s the basic attraction of the Pizza Hut Perfume. This is another quirky but real gift available in Canada, and it’s in high demand, making this a rare gift indeed. If you’re on a budget, you could do this alternative. Get Pizza Hut carryout of your favorite pizza pies. Then drive around with your pies, windows rolled up. Better yet, get stuck in afternoon traffic with them. After a one-hour commute, both you and your car’s interior will have that unmistakable Pizza Hut smell that lingers and lingers.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Wii Mini From our neighbors in the north comes the Nintendo Wii Mini. Yes, mini, and it’s only available in Canada. The Mini is a stripped down Wii removed of all online features. But at $99 and still able to play over 1400 disc-based Wii games, the Wii Mini shouldn’t be overlooked. Well, if you can get one anyways.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Starbucks Steel This gift is all about being a trend setter possessing a status symbol. Nothing says you’ve arrived like this limited edition Starbucks premium gift card actually made out of steel. Only 5000 of these special cards will be forged and sold through for a mere $450. But don’t worry, $400 of the cost is Starbucks credit. The other $50 covers the cost of the card itself. This is something Chad Ochocinco definitely needs. If you remember, Ochocinco made the news when his Starbucks Gold Card was stolen along with his wallet. Me? I’ll wait for Starbucks to release an iPhone Steel Card app. 😉
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Santa Rocks Shirt I’m personally digging this Crazy Shirts design commemorating Santa and his one night world tour. Everyone already knows it, but Santa rocks! Click on the image to order your shirt for the holidays.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Alice and Olivia Bike Target and Neiman Marcus are collaborating on 50 gift items this holiday season. Available starting tomorrow (December 1), these high fashion items are sure to sell well. If you’re not looking to purchase any of these items, I’d steer clear of Target on Saturday. My 2012 Holiday Gift Guide pick would be this bicycle cruiser for a fun loving female. Source: via Gee on Pinterest
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Hot Wheels Total Control Racer In case you get the Hot Wheels Total Control Racing Stunt Park set, it comes with only one vehicle, and you’ll definitely need another to keep the peace with the kids. Finding the Racing Stunt Park on-island is doable, but finding extra cars is difficult. Target is out of stock, I don’t see any on the Walmart web site, and Toys R Us looks to have one car model available. Amazon has a variety of Total Control Racers available to purchase to make this set more fun.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Mater’s Tall Tales Wii Help Mater on his Cars-themed Tall Tales on the Nintendo Wii.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case Not a Black Friday deal, but the Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case for the iPhone 5 is a solid choice for a case. Not overly thick, good grip and feel, and shows some style, especially the black and green model. And this color combo is finally available.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Board Shorts from Crazy Shirts Yep, if you don’t already know but Crazy Shirts has more than just shirts. Oh, I do love their shirts (designs and dyes), but they have great shorts as well. Check out these Surf Fin Eco HydroPrint Board Shorts. Fashionable even when you’re not at the beach and even cooler, the shorts’ design patterns changes when wet. A great gift for an active Dad. And to be on the up and up, I’m now an affiliate for Crazy Shirts, but I wouldn’t be if I weren’t a fan. 🙂
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Custom Designed Kicks Letting a shoehead design his own kicks is a gift of sublimity. Oh the possibilities… like this pulpy inspired LeBron X iD. Source: via Gee on Pinterest You just keep trying variation after variation and have fun with it. There’s no such thing as too loud, too gaudy, or too bright. You simply have to go for it. Merry Christmas.
  • Pinning My Holiday Gift Guide Along with blogging neato items for my annual Holiday Gift Guide, I’m also adding ideas to my Pinterest board, aptly named Holiday Gift Guide. Go take a looksee as I’ll continue to add pulp-worthy gifts.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Manoa Chocolate Here’s a great holiday gift that’s on the smaller side, chocolate bars from Manoa Chocolate. Based out of Kailua, this local company transforms locally grown cacao beans into high quality chocolate with Hawaii-infused flavors like Hawaiian Salted Pineapple & Chili Pepper, Hamakua Chocolate & Maui Lavender, Hawaiian Sea Salt, Hawaiian Chili Pepper, and Waiahole Ginger. Anyone who enjoys the finer things in life would appreciate this gift of Manoa Chocolate. As an added bonus, your purchase can help grow this fledgling small business. Manoa Chocolate is using Kickstarter to expand their production. Watch this video to learn more. So why not buy a few bars, give them out as holiday gifts, and support a local business?
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