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Pulpconnection’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2013

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  • Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Last Call Time’s about up as Christmas is fast approaching, and desperation is setting in for last minute gifts. These Justice League headphones featuring either Batman or Superman are fun and functional. Physically fit Star Wars fanatics may like their own skin tight costumes. You too could be Chewie, Boba, or Darth (Vader or Maul). Lastly, a yodeling pickle will sure to be a surprise gift. A yodeling pickle? Yup, a yodelling pickle. Why? I don’t know, but Amazon sells this, and it rates at 4 stars after 241 ratings. It’s just one of those gifts that will amaze its recipient.
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Toyota FJ Cruiser In 2014, Toyota will discontinue its FJ Cruiser line, making one last limited edition model called the Trail Teams Ultimate Edition Cruiser. After that, you won’t see any of these SUV/Jeep-looking vehicles from Toyota. That’s an instant collectible right there with only 2500 Trail Team Ultimate Editions manufactured. Naughty or nice, this FJ Cruiser is for you!
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2013: High Tech Gifts for a techie? How about the Nest Protect smoke detector? The next generation detector that’s smarter, connects to a smart device, and simply makes more sense. Not looking for a smart smoke detector? How about a smart watch like the popular Pebble? I helped kickstart this project and love the utility of this evolving device. It’s a great second screen that’s getting better and better. Still too technologically mundane? Then try to get ahold of Starpath. Apply this luminous material to your driveway, and you’ll have a spectacle of science.
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2013: “Expresso” Makers I know “expresso” is one of those mistakes you commonly hear people say instead of espresso. But as a gift this year, why not give an express way of making espresso? There’s the popular and moderately priced Nespresso U. From what I’ve learned, the U and the Aeroccino frother is a killer combo. If you want to give a coffee addict an even fresher experience, you must look into the Bonaverde Roast-Grind-Brew coffee machine. This Kickstarter project will turn fresh green coffee beans into a fresh cup of coffee. Yes, it roasts the beans then grinds them to brew a cup. While backing this project is done, keep an eye out on the Bonaverde web site to pre-order the machine.
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2013: BVDs Yes, we’re talking men’s underwear, aka BVDs but not necessarily the tighty whities. Now, it’s super easy to get yourself a clean pair of beebos. Heck, you don’t even have to leave the house. For $95 a year, DaDa will send you a variety of underwear every quarter. Looking for something more sporty? The Oklahoma Thunder’s Russell Westbrook is designing his own briefs with Kings and Jaxs. How does K&J describe their product line? Every pair of Kings and Jaxs is built with the little man in mind allowing for ventilation and just the right amount of wiggle room insuring everyday is a happy day in and outside your pants! For the guys (and gals) who have a penchant for gas, he can now cut one without any repercussions while wearing Shreddies. These high tech undies trap the smell but not the sounds of farts so you can be proud and loud at ...
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Strong Like Bull Magnets I’ve already talked about these great Strong Like Bull magnets. Seriously, they are strong, and they make for a fun and useful gift for that person who has everything or for a Disney fan about to embark on a Disney tour. Even better, for the holidays, you can get a gift tin for your order of four or more magnets. Get green and red magnets or whatever colors you want.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Starbucks Gold Metal Card Is this an annual trend? Is gold the new black for the year 2013? Why else is Starbucks introducing a new gold-colored metal card? There was the Starbucks steel card nearly one year ago, and shortly, a more limited golden hued metal card will be available for $450 (which includes $400 in Starbucks credit). 5000 steel? Imagine only 1000 gold cards for sale. Let’s go down the golden checklist for 2013: Gold iPhone 5s Nike rose gold FuelBand JUICIES+ gold cable Golden Pop-Tarts Zojirushi stainless steel mug (in champagne gold) Starbucks golden card (consider yourself blinged)
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2013: YOLO Means LOLO Shirt This one is for the Hawaii locals. You know the catchphrase, “You only live once” abbreviated as YOLO and said before doing something usually disastrous? You can now voice your opinion of YOLO antics using Hawaiian pidgin (slang) on this Hawaiian Style tee. Lolo can range in meaning from dumb to stupid to downright idiotic. So yeah, YOLO could also mean lolo. Currently available at Macy’s in Hawaii and on sale too.
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Group Games Want to know the inner thoughts of others? Try playing a game like Apples to Apples. It’s an innocent way to see how others think with their responses and answers, and it is a fun game. If you want to bump this up a notch then go for Cards Against Humanity. Same concept but more mature themed. Just a warning, you may need to reference the Urban Dictionary to understand some of the off-color terms. Technically, Cards Against Humanity is an open sourced game and you can make your own set, but at $25 for a nicely printed, boxed set, it’s probably worth the cost.
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Sh-t Product Zappos’ response to Kanye’s claim is all wins, and therefore rightfully deserves a place in the 2013 Pulpconnection Holiday Gift Guide. But oh hey, this sh-t will cost you – $100,000! Of course, you need to watch the informative Zappos video to understand the features of this sh-t product.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: GoPro Hero 3+ At first, I wasn’t sold. Why would I need an action camera like the GoPro HERO3+? I already have a DSLR, the always-handy iPhone, and even a digital camcorder. Do I really need one more camera? The answer is simply yes. Use one, and you’ll understand why. First off, it’s tiny and light so carrying it is not a problem. The waterproof housing increases the bulk for the tradeoff of the rugged versatility. Now take the GoPro to the beach, to the pool, into the water, and a whole new world of video and photography is available to you. The pictures and videos are shockingly clear and crisp. Sure, due to the wide angle view of the GoPro lens, you get that fisheye effect, but the GoPro software can compensate if you want. But never mind that, play with the angles, get a different point of view, capture various perspectives. Have fun ...
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Chillax Bean Bag Normally, I wouldn’t give any credence to something named “Chillax” but after seeing this bean bag in a Costco magazine, I’m a believer. Bean bags are one of my favorite anachronisms, withstanding the trends of time. So the Chillax still has a market, a place in your home, and a spot on this year’s Pulpconnection Gift Guide. I’m not sure if you can find the Chillax in Hawaii-based Costco locations. Ordering online may be necessary, but just think of the all the chillax-ing you can do during the holidays.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Disney Aulani Crazy Shirt For the Disney fans, a stay at the Aulani resort on Oahu is itself a wonderful holiday gift. If you can make it to the Aulani for the holidays, be sure to pick up these exclusive holiday shirts for family and friends who couldn’t make it. Available from KÄ€LEPA’s store in the Aulani, these are not your normal Aulani-branded shirts. These Mele Kalikimaka shirts are made for the Aulani by Crazy Shirts. We’re talking high quality shirts blending Disney and Hawaii themes. Okay, the shirt is on the pricier side at $35 for men’s (sorry, didn’t check the price on kid sizes). But you won’t (yet) find this design anywhere else. They’re available in green or white and could be limited to stock in hand.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Sleeved NBA Jerseys Heinous or holiday, the new sleeved NBA jerseys are coming to pro basketball teams on Christmas day. Along with the short sleeves, these contemporary jerseys feature the big logo front and center and for the NBA, additional advertising space on the sleeves themselves. Check out the online NBA Store for a selection of sleeved replica jerseys of your favorite players. $110 for adult sizes, $50 for youth sizes, and a more affordable, look-alike shirt for $26 (my favorite is the orange World Peace shirt). No promises that the extra sleeves will improve your outside shot, but after watching this Jingle Hoops ad, you have to believe they will.
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2013 Pulpconnection’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2013 The Pinterest board.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Nike Rose Gold FuelBand Apple went gold so naturally, what must Nike do? Follow the playbook and go gold as well! The Nike+ FuelBand SE already borrows from several Apple influences so the newest FuelBand color of “Rose Gold” shouldn’t be surprising. Available on November 21 for $169, this is destined for the informed you who demands tech and style.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Rainbow Warriors Retro Uniforms Check out the retro University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors football uniforms making an appearance this weekend. I’m not sure if this is a limited item, but it’s a fun throwback to own and wear regardless of the football team’s current fortunes. Makes a special gift for Rainbow fans new and old. Update: These vintage jerseys are now available at the Rainbowtique stores for $75. Too costly? Then the vintage hat for $27 could be a more affordable option.
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Visit Hawaii Let’s kick off Pulpconnection’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2013 with Hawaiian style. My first pulpy recommendation for an awesome holiday gift is a visit to any of the Hawaiian Islands. No, I won’t be paying for this visit, but if you do make it to this part of the Pacific, here are just a few activities you can do on the various islands. None !function(a){var b="embedly-platform",c="script";if(!a.getElementById(b)){var d=a.createElement(c);,d.src=("https:"===document.location.protocol?"https":"http")+"://";var e=document.getElementsByTagName(c);e.parentNode.insertBefore(d,e)}}(document); Interested in other activities while on Hawaii? Let Zerve guide your way!
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2013: LEGO Back to the Future Yes, you’re reading that right. This Gift Guide recommendation is for 2013, and it’s aimed at LEGO lovers. Sometime in the upcoming year, LEGO sets themed from Back to the Future will be in production. The genesis of this set was a LEGO Cuusoo project that got enough support from fans. Here’s the announcement of this latest LEGO Cuusoo selection. If you can’t wait for the official set, you can assemble your own DeLorean following this video instruction. Might as well start your 2013 Christmas shopping now!
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