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Pulpconnection’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2015

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  • Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Tesla iPhone Case I surely can’t afford a Tesla electric vehicle as a holiday gift, but I can afford to gift a Tesla-branded iPhone case. These are made out of remnant leather pieces that are used in actual Telsas and go for $45. But then again, I wonder if these are like those license plate frames that say “My other car is a Tesla.” More Pulpconnection Holiday Gift Guide 2015
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Star Wars Socks There’s no denying that the next installment of Star Wars will have all our attention on December 18th. Right now, you just can’t go wrong with Star Wars-themed merchandise such as these socks from Stance. Stance already makes awesome socks of good quality and great design, but socks depicting droids, the Jedi, and all your favorite characters will truly awaken the Force within you. Heck you can even get a mixed pair featuring R2D2 on one foot and C3PO on the other. Or how about Jabba and Leia? The best “value” however belongs to the Stormtropper trio for $25. That’s three socks featuring different Stormtrooper looks. Otherwise, all pairs are $20.
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2015: LEGO Slippers Any LEGO fan or family member of a fan knows the agony of stepping on the indestructible edges of a LEGO brick. No matter the shape or size, when you step on a LEGO piece, you feel it. Thankfully, LEGO wants to help prevent these acute accidents by protecting your soles with these LEGO branded padded slippers. Unfortunately, getting these slippers for a gift is extremely unlikely. These are limited in quantity and availability. Only 1500 of these slippers will be made, and they’re available only in France. Even then, you can’t just buy them. They’re randomly given away to online shoppers on the LEGO France web site. If only UGG partnered with LEGO to make these. Then there’d be a larger supply of ugly but comfortable footwear for LEGO protection. Just imagine those UGG boots in red and yellow! More Pulpconnection Holiday Gift Guide 2015
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2015: UGGs I’ve conceded that UGGs are ubiquitious. For all these years since I first saw the boots with the fur, I thought they were a fad. Here today, gone tomorrow. But nope. UGGs are still around and thriving after all this time despite their “classic” looks. Ugly but built for comfort, UGGs are on Oprah’s Favorite Things list for 2015 (making them multi-year favorites of the Oprah) cementing them in the mainstream forever. So why fight it? Give a gift of comfy UGGs, also available for the guys. More Pulpconnection Holiday Gift Guide 2015.
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Yeezy Camo Tee I know you have a Kanye West fetish. You want to be Yeezus with his fame, notoriety, and Kardashian connections. While you lip sync Kanye’s raps in the secret, you might as well dress the part, performing in Kanye’s Adidas fashion line. For $235, this camo tee will make you that much closer to Yeezy status. Aw snap, it’s too late for the holidays. Wannabes already cleared out this shirt’s inventory. 🙁
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Darth Vader Compression Shirt So just what does Darth Vader wear under his mechanical suit? Could it be a compression shirt that looks exactly like its exoshell? Who knows, but if you’re buff enough, walk around in this Darth Vader compression shirt from Under Armour and no one will say anything.
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Coloring Books for Adults Coloring books are not just for kids any more. Start off with the popular Secret Garden created by none other than Johanna Basford of the Starbucks inky red cup fame. These intricate coloring books are made for the eyes, penstrokes, focus, and patience of adults. Whether it be a stress relief, a form of escape, or allowing adults to relive childhood experiences, you can’t deny that these adult coloring books would make great $10 holiday gifts!
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Eternal Light This is just downright cool. This Kickstarter project aims at bringing eternal light. No batteries needed. This mini flashlight is powered by the touch of a human body. A thermoelectric generator converts your body heat into electricity that powers a small LED. This $35+ gift could be left in cars, attached to your keychain, or simply stored in your emergency kit. When you need light, simply touch the Lumen and be illuminated. More Holiday Gift Guide 2015 <a data-pin-do="embedBoard" href=""data-pin-scale-width="80" data-pin-scale-height="200" data-pin-board-width="400"> Follow Gee Why's board Holiday Gift Guide 2015 on Pinterest.</a><!-- Please call pinit.js only once per page --><script type="text/javascript" async src="//"></script>
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Micropig What do you get your animal lover for Christmas? They already have their stable of dogs, cats, birds, fish, and more. So how about a micropig? Not a miniature pig, a micropig. Genetically altered by Chinese scientists, a fully grown micropig weighs 33 pounds at a cost of $1600. Or may be this is all a hoax and that “micropig” is really a young pig that’ll oink out soon enough.
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Facial Fitness Pao The guilt-free eating during the Holidays is quickly absolved with the setting of New Year’s resolutions. Of course, you’re going to keep your promise of working out diligently and losing those Thanksgiving and Christmas pounds. To help reach these goals, a $140 gift of the Facial Fitness Pao is just the thing. Along with slimming your physique, keep things proportional by slimming your face using the Facial Fitness Pao. Just bite down, make a head nodding movement, and just keep going for 30 seconds. You can do this at home, at work, or even during your commute to work. There’s no excuse for not having a slim toned face with the Facial Fitness Pao.
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Best Hoodie in the World Back in 2012, this hoodie gained the reputation for being the best hoodie ever made. A hooded sweatshirt aka a hoodie. The best in the world. Several years later, getting an American Giant hoodie won’t take months, but you have to be willing to spend close to $90 for this best hoodie in the world. However, if you’re looking for a holiday gift for someone with high standards, the American Giant just might be it, especially in this limited edition olive brown.
  • The Greatest Hoodie Ever Made? The greatest ever made? A hoodie? Is there even a need for such a title? I guess so since Slate bestowed that honor to the hoodie made by American Giant in 2012. These hoodies got so popular you had to wait months for an order, and now I’m intrigued by this hoodie, and so are you. Since the holiday buying season will be upon us soon enough, you may as well place your order now. I doubt that in 2015 American Giant still has a backlog of orders, but why take the risk? Order the greatest hoodie ever made.
  • Because Baymax You need to buy this because Baymax. Consider this an early entry of Pulpconnection’s Holiday Gift Guide, 2015 edition.
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Air Jordan Clock No sense waiting to collect potential gift items for this upcoming holiday season. Like this clock of Air Jordan shoes. Any shoehead would love opening this on December 25. The hours of the clock are replaced with the corresponding Air Jordan model. Simply ingenious.  
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Vessyl 2015?! Yes, 2015. That’s when the Vessyl smartcup is supposed to hit the market. The Vessyl knows what you’re drinking and calculates your hydration, caffeine levels, and other stats. Watch this video to better understand. But you’ll have to wait until 2015 for this smartcup. You can pre-order now for $99 otherwise the price jumps to $129 upon release.
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