Rona Runs: Infinity React

To past the time and maintain some fitness, I’ve been running with the kids. Shorter distances with some walking but several times a week. So far, wearing the Nike Infinity Reacts I cannot complain. No pain even though more (but shorter) outings.

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Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 10.27.42 AM

Rona Tip: Mac OS Screen Time

For those fortunate enough to be employed during these times, you may have noticed your computer usage has increased (dramatically even) while working at home. If you’re on the latest Mac OS, you can check out Screen Time to see just how much time you are spending in front of the screen.

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Rona Wants: Dom’s Dodge Charger

Now that you’re at home with perhaps more time on your hands, this is for you (and me). Coming soon is Lego’s Technic set of Dom’s Dodge Charger from the Fast and the Furious series. Like whoa! But of course, there’s even nitrous in this model. Pre-order your next time sink now! Should be $99 […]

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