Asia-Pacific Homeland Security Summit

Got to attend the Asia-Pacific Homeland Security Summit for work. A bunch of State, Federal, and DoD bigwigs were in attendance though I missed seeing Governor Linda Lingle. Since this is a security summit and all, security was tight. The Sheriff’s Department and National Guardsmen were out in force, guard dogs were patrolling, metal detectors […]

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Smallville Starts on Sept 29

The new season of Smallville is starting next week Thursday, September 29. I think at the end of last season, Clark was transported to his future Fortress of Solitude while Smallville was being pummeled by meteors. James Marsters who played Spike on Buffy and Angel’s shows is supposed to make an appearance this season. Watch […]

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Packed Tuesday Night TV

Lots of TV shows on Tuesday nights. Bones made the Top 10 most watched shows last week. Nip/Tuck is starting up. Commander-in-Chief is premiering soon. And tonight was the Dancing With the Stars Rematch. Mr. Peterman better win this one after his all 10’s performance.

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Work, You Gotta Love It

So right before the end of the workday, I get a request to establish a web site or web server ASAP. I dug in, reached around, but couldn’t pull one out of my a$$. Oh well… Don’t worry, a professional, calm reply asking for additional details and providing various pros and cons of several options […]

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Nip/Tuck Starting Up

Season 3 of Nip/Tuck begins tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept 30 on FX. Get ready for another season of messed up entertainment. You can also view a preview of the Season 3 premiere titled Momma Boone on the official web site.

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Free (Scandinavian) Music

For you worldly music lovers, the iTunes Music Store is offering 20 free songs from Scandinavia. Don’t know why, but free is free. Five links with four songs per link: Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5

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