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Hope via FAT 2008

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  • Musical Observations A Fine Frenzy’s Almost Lover playing in the FAT. John Mayer always playing in Bath and Body. Trader Joe’s retro 80’s music.
  • Days 20 and 21: Mission Completion Day 20 had one more checkup at Children’s Hospital Central California. Packing up on Day 21 and visits to Trader Joe’s, Save Mart, and Sonic Burgers. And that’s it for the updates. Mission Completion!
  • Day 18 and 19: Resting and Easter After a busy past two days, took a rest at home on Day 18. Happy Easter on Day 19.
  • Day 16 and 17 Mega Update Posted a mega update of Day 16: Oso De Oro and Day 17: Back to Bonfante. Tons of pictures!
  • Day 15: At the Park During Spring Break, went to a local park on Day 15. Rice crispy treats made with chocolate marshmallows?!
  • Day 14: Crazy 8 and Masala On Day 14, went to see Crazy 8, a new kids clothing store by Gymboree. For dinner, ate Indian cuisine at Masala in the River Park shopping complex.
  • Day 13: Around the House On Day 13, just stayed around the house.
  • Day 12: Dim Sum What else to do on a Sunday morning but eat some dim sum on Day 12.
  • Day 11: Easter Picnic With the doctor’s approval to leave the house, the entire family attended an Easter Picnic on Day 11.
  • Scouting March Madness Since the Madness of March officially starts tomorrow with the selection of teams going to the Dance, I did a little bit of scouting, catching parts of the UCLA-Stanford PAC-10 matchup. I was impressed with both teams but while I was watching Stanford looked in control. I didn’t watch the entire game and later learned that UCLA pulled out a close victory. UCLA always finds a way to win, either by luck or by toughness. Should I pick them to go far this year? My main concerns for this team are the close calls, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute in a cast, Kevin Love’s back spasms, and the frightening look of Lorenzo Mata-Real.
  • Day 10: Checkup As a kid, did you ever stick anything up your nose? It happened on Day 10: Checkup.
  • Day 9: Pho for You A cool, overcast day in FAT means warm Vietnamese pho for you. A side story belongs here. While eating pho at May Cafe, this couple sat in a booth next to us. See them in the background? The older guy and the Asian female? They gave me an icky feeling. When sitting down, the guy told the female what side of the booth to sit on. She looks much younger than the guy and was well made up. She might have had some work done, not sure. During lunch, the guy reached over the table to fix her hair. They seemed normal and happy enough, but still gave me a weirded out vibe.
  • Day 8: Getting Back to Normal Day 8 was pretty uneventful as things were getting back to normal.
  • Day 7: Happy Isolation While Day 6 brought freedom, Day 7 was one of happy isolation.
  • Day 6: F R E E D O M Day 6 is a day of FREEDOM. I gots style yo! And I gave a 100%!
  • Day 5: Finally, a Smile Day 5 brought a smile. And before I forget, if you need a pediatric cardiac surgeon, go see Doctor Malcolm MacDonald at Children’s Hospital Central California. He’s great and is always working. We’ve seen him everyday, several times a day so far. His dedication is unreal.
  • Day 4: A Step Back to Go Forward Day 4 saw A Step Back to Go Forward in Hope by the Way of FAT.
  • Day 3: Out of the ICU From Hope by the Way of FAT comes Day 3: Out of the ICU.
  • Day 2 Entry is Up Sorry for the delay, but pictures and a short blurb about Day 2, the day after surgery, is now available.
  • So Far, So Good! Things are going well here. Surgery is done with no complications. The long road to recovery is ahead… Now that things are looking a little better, here are some sights from Hope by the Way of FAT.
  • CompUSA Closed in FAT CompUSA closed its doors in Hawaii, and I can also report the CompUSA location in FAT is also closed for business. Their sign is still on the building, but the building’s been cleared out. Business at next door Best Buy was brisk.
  • Yikes! It’s Cold Don’t know how accurate this is, but it IS cold in FAT. 38 degrees with highs in the low 70’s.
  • Weather Check The weather ain’t too bad. Though morning times are really cold. Here’s the predicted forecast for the week.
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