Lanai 2009

A Lanai Wedding

  • Tracking #FlyHappy and #IslandAir Be sure to track the hashtags of #FlyHappy or #IslandAir on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. A bunch of the Hawaii social media cognoscenti are touring the Four Seasons Lanai, flying from Oahu on Island Air and doing an excellent job showcasing the resort. What a room makeover! I had the opportunity to stay at the Four Seasons Lanai in 2009 to attend a wedding, and ever since then, I’ve dreamed of going back.
  • Lanai 2009 A Lanai Wedding
  • In July 2009… In July 2009, the family enjoyed the hospitality of the Four Season Lanai, staying at Manele Bay and the Lodge at Koele for a wedding. And who knew the Four Seasons has an active social networking campaign, engaging customers on Twitter and even giving Twitter treats! In July 2009, the Hawaii State Farm Fair featured a watermelon eating contest which my brother-in-law dominated. Witness. In July 2009, Pulpconnection had serious technical issues so I upgraded to Dreamhost Private Servers and have been loving it. In July 2009, Bytemarks presented his informal list of Top 20 Social Media Geeks in Hawaii, and I’m still honored to be recognized. In July 2009, I saw Jorge Garcia from LOST… again. Such a busy time was July of 2009. See all the posts from July 2009.
  • Top iPhone Apps While Visiting Four Seasons Lanai Staying at the Four Seasons Lanai at Manele Bay or Koele is a dreamy, getaway vacation. But for the iPhone-toting fanatics, here’s my list of absolute apps you need while visiting the Four Seasons Lanai. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Even before arriving at your vacation getaway, you can take a virtual tour of what you’re about to experience. With this recently released app, you can check out room availability, spa services, and even get a video tour of any Four Seasons. Pano. Taking mobile pics is conveniently cool, but the very best way to capture the gorgeous scenery of Lanai is to take panoramics. There’s so much visuals to choose from, starting with the beaches and oceanfront of Manele Bay to the gardens and Lodge of Koele.
  • What a Week, Part 6: The Lanai Wedding The reason we were living the life in Lanai was for a wedding on Saturday, July 25, 2009. Set at The Lodge at Koele in the afternoon, the backdrop of the garden and the temple were gorgeous. I loved the Hawaiian wedding chant since I’ve never heard one before. Try listen… Congratulations to the happy couple! Bonus: Get your own soundtrack for the Lovely Lanai wedding! Lahaina Shores Beach Resort on Dwellable
  • What a Week, Part 4: A Lanai Twitter Treat If the experience at the Four Seasons Lanai at Manele Bay wasn’t enjoyable enough, a highlight had to be engaging the resort’s Twitter presence @FSlanai. I must admit that I didn’t expect much from a hotel chain’s Twitter prowess. Most corporations, even high end ones, really don’t capitalize on engaging people with social media and networking. Not so with @FSlanai! As soon as I started tweeting about Lanai, @FSlanai was right there, tweeting back. Any interesting picture I snapped, FSlanai would relay with a retweet. And it wasn’t just @FSlanai, but seemingly, the marketing staff of the Four Seasons Lanai got involved with tweets and direct messages from @KatieonLanai and head honcho himself, @tomroelens. What a completely unexpected way to interact with their guests, supplementing the already great IRL service. What blew me away completely was a Twitter treat I found waiting in our room after dinner on Thursday. Sitting there was ...
  • What a Week, Part 2: Four Seasons Lanai On Thursday, July 23, the extended family started our pseudo-staycation, going to Lanai and living the life at the Four Seasons Resorts at Manele Bay and Koele. What awesome resorts and what a great trip! I’m still sorting through everything. You can relive my experiences by reading my tweets and posts and checking out some pictures.
  • My Top 5 Reasons the Roaming Gnome Needs to Visit Four Seasons Lanai Here are my top five six reasons the Travelocity Roaming Gnome should visit the resorts of Four Seasons Lanai at Manele Bay and Koele. 5. Poolside tweeting. Yes, the beach is right there, but the Gnome can lay out poolside and update his Twitter status and drop hints of his next #gnomeroams stops. 4. The fish in the tidepools are big fans! 3. You can learn to blow a conch shell and light the torches on the resort’s grounds. 2. The Lodge has an awesome spot for you in their garden! Click on the image for a panoramic view. 1. After checking in, you can find out your Hawaiian name. I want to know what “Roaming Gnome” is in Hawaiian. And a bonus reason why you need to visit Lanai! As a learned traveler, you can help these guys out with their A-B-Cs. 😉 If you’re island hopping, be sure to check out for rental reviews. Puamana ...
  • The Lodge at Koele is Tech Savvy The Four Seasons Lodge at Koele, Lanai is tech savvy running Google’s Chrome on their public use computers. And they provide charging stations for a variety of devices. Though, please note that the iPhone/iPod charger is not compatible with an iPhone 3G (and assumedly 3Gs). When I tried it, the iPhone complained and would not charge with this accessory.
  • Wedding Tunes of Lovely Lanai To accompany the wedding on Lanai are songs hand picked by the bride and the groom.  You can now find these Lovely Lanai classic keepsakes online at the iTunes Store.
  • Playing with Pano Silly me for not knowing what apps I have on my iPhone! I had forgotten all about Pano during the first days at the Four Seasons Lanai at Manele Bay. I did remember while at The Lodge at Koele. Here are some panoramic views at Koele. The view from the gazebo at The Lodge. Entering the garden at The Lodge. Inside the lobby of The Lodge (360-degree view). The beach scenery from Manele Bay would have made great panoramics.  Next time… 😉 Lahaina Roads on Dwellable
  • No rest. Back from @fslanai, n… No rest. Back from @fslanai, now off to @kinwah, then later in the week @touchofiolani! What a week!
  • Panoramic view from the gazebo… Panoramic view from the gazebo of The Lodge @fslanai.
  • Free morning coffee and pastri… Free morning coffee and pastries @fslanai The Lodge
  • Bye, bye @fslanai. Hope to ret… Bye, bye @fslanai. Hope to return one day…
  • Torches setting the ambiance f… Torches setting the ambiance for the evening @fslanai
  • Entering the gardens of Koele … Entering the gardens of Koele @fslanai
  • The view from our balcony at T… The view from our balcony at The Lodge at Koele @fslanai
  • Greeting the kids at Koele @fs… Greeting the kids at Koele @fslanai
  • Four Seasons, Wikki Stix Style The Four Seasons logo made from a Wikki Stix given to all kids.
  • Pagoda and the pond @fslanai T… Pagoda and the pond @fslanai The Lodge. Zen and tranquility come to mind.
  • The Weddi… The Wedding Will Be Tweeted
  • The brillant flash of lightnin… The brillant flash of lightning is @fslanai Manele Bay, the thematic undertones of rumbling thunder is the Lodge at Koele
  • Fueled up with a breakfast bur… Fueled up with a breakfast burrito @fslanai
  • My morning nemisis @fslanai ht… My morning nemisis @fslanai
  • Moving to the Lodge @fslanai t… Moving to the Lodge @fslanai today for an afternoon wedding 🙂
  • Oh, and of course, complimenta… Oh, and of course, complimentary coffee to start the new day 🙂
  • The serenity of a new day @fsl… The serenity of a new day @fslanai
  • Sunrise over Manele @fslanai … Sunrise over Manele @fslanai
  • Moon over Manele @fslanai htt… Moon over Manele @fslanai
  • A foggy ride back to @fslanai … A foggy ride back to @fslanai Manele Bay
  • Can you feel the warmth from t… Can you feel the warmth from the fireplace at The Lodge @fslanai ?
  • Dinner at the Terrace @fslanai… Dinner at the Terrace @fslanai The Lodge st Koele
  • Using free Internet at @fslana… Using free Internet at @fslanai The Lodge at Koele. This rustic style is such a contrast.
  • Just discovered Kids for All S… Just discovered Kids for All Seasons @fslanai. Awesome activities and hangout for kids. Can I play too?
  • Thankful for a Twitter Treat! WOW! What an unexpected but very cool gift from the Tweeters of the Four Seasons Lanai. After coming back from dinner on Day 1, we find a Hawaiian Mai Tai “kit” waiting for us in our room, courtesy of Katie Mitchell (aka @katieonlanai). Talk about treating your customers right! While we’ve never met in real life, what an impression this token has left on our family. And I must reiterate the friendliness of the staff of Manele Bay. Everyone is so helpful, and they all say hello as an added welcoming touch. Kudos to the Tweeters of @fslanai who embody and amplify the resort’s aloha spirit online.
  • Living the Life at… Living the life at…
  • Tweeting poolside Tweeting poolside
  • Looking for fish at the tidepo… Looking for fish at the tidepools @fslanai
  • Yum, breakfast at Hulopoe @fsl… Yum, breakfast at Hulopoe @fslanai
  • Starting off Day 2 @fslanai. A… Starting off Day 2 @fslanai. Ahhh…
  • Waking Up for Lanai Day 2 An early morning wakeup since I’m still used to getting up for work. Took a stroll and went for a morning workout at the Fitness Center. Now coffee…
  • Four Seasons Lanai Day 1 Done The first day of our stay at the Four Seasons Lanai at Manele Bay is done, and what a day it was! The service is unbelievable, and the entire staff is so friendly. Here are some highlights in pics. View from our room, poolside pic, view from dinner, my guava mahi special, torch lighting, an after dinner dip in the pool, and finishing the night with The Sound of Music. Looking forward to what Day 2 brings!
  • Little early for #ff but for a… Little early for #ff but for an excellent vacation, @fslanai, @katieonlanai, @tomroelens are tops. Awesome service, friendly staff!
  • The kids helped light a torch … The kids helped light a torch
  • Torch lighting live @fslanai. … Torch lighting live @fslanai.
  • View from… View from Dinner
  • Poolside … Poolside at Twilight
  • Breadsticks at the Ocean Grill… Breadsticks at the Ocean Grill @fslanai. Might go for the mahi special
  • Game room @fslanai, the kids a… Game room @fslanai, the kids are having fun
  • For each child @fslanai nice t… For each child @fslanai nice touch!
  • Chillin, listening to Sting, d… Chillin, listening to Sting, drinking a Starbucks Doubleshot, tweeting, kids napping
  • View from Above The view from above.
  • For Later For later, after naptime.
  • Da Lunch Grub Had to cut back after eating too well earlier this week.
  • Testing, testing Just seeing if this works.
  • Lanai, Here We Come Here we come, Lanai!
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